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Our process works

We are one of the few fintech PR agencies that dedicates time to understanding your objectives, segmenting your target audiences and identifying obstacles to growth. This enables us to build an integrated PR strategy that does more than just generate media coverage: it makes your target audience want to work with you. Our clients stay with us for years because we test rigorously, analyse results and refine strategies to deliver ever-increasing returns.

We’re global

We run a global fintech PR network and can represent your fintech brand across Europe, Africa, Australia, the United States and Singapore, and we can usually be up and running in a new market within two months.

We know fintech

We’ve helped over 20 companies sell financial technology to both businesses and consumers – reaching hundreds of millions of customers across the globe and raising hundreds of millions in angel, venture capital and private equity funding.

Strategic fintech PR delivers

A good fintech agency should be able deliver more inbound leads, better market awareness, and a smoother sales cycle. They should also build brand awareness in the investment community to assist with your fundraising efforts.

We employ experts

As a fintech PR agency, we employ media relations, digital marketing and financial services experts who are trained to help you achieve the result you want, whether that’s gaining recognition, attracting inbound leads, increasing your conversions, boosting engagement or building customer loyalty.

We come recommended

We’ve been lauded as one of PR Week’s fastest growing UK firms and our clients love to recommend us (read over 40 testimonials to understand what it’s like to work with TopLine). And we’re proud of our 21 award nominations and 13 award wins so far.

We’re integrated

We’re much more than a technology PR agency – our service covers traditional media relations, video, animation, content marketing, social media, search and a host of other digital disciplines. This enables us to design you a truly integrated digital strategy.

Our expertise covers everything from payments to remittances, peer-to-peer lending, cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, alternative investments, behavioural finance and challenger banks and we can help your business grow.

Our clients

Want to see your business dominate the fintech space?

Then you need to work with a fintech PR agency that can deliver. Get in touch with our CEO, Heather, to discuss your brief.