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We focus on your core business objectives (e.g. increased sales or larger market share) and all our campaigns are driven by data. We design creative strategies that inspire action in your target audience, measure the results against your bottom line and refine our activities to achieve maximum impact.

We also integrate our PR work with other communications activities, such as inbound marketingsearch marketingcontent marketing and video production.

We like KPIs…

…because they really show how much of an impact we are having on the bottom line. Popular measurements include number of quality media hits, changes in traffic to your website, or our favourite metric, inbound leads. Unlike other B2B PR agencies, we don’t hide behind hard to quantify metrics. Instead we supply CEO-friendly results tables that show the value we add.

We get B2B PR

Don’t get us wrong though. While ‘old fashioned’ B2B PR agency approaches are out at TopLine Comms, it’s an ability to do the fundamentals well that underpins our entire B2B PR service. An appreciation of what makes a good story, coupled with an enviable media relations contact book, means we regularly secure excellent national and industry media coverage for all our clients.

Our clients recommend us

We retain our clients year after year (check out the work we did for SonovateSpencer OgdenBullhorn and Xero). Our clients will always advocate on our behalf (read over 40 testimonials to get a feel for what it’s like working with TopLine).

We’re certified and awarded

We’re one of PR Week’s fastest growing UK firms. We’re a Google Partner, everyone in our senior B2B PR team is Google Analytics IQ certified, and our whole team is inbound certified. And our work has won 13 awards so far.

We get results

If you’re looking to raise your profile, attract investment, generate leads, drive traffic to your website, improve your conversion rate, compete for talent, change market perceptions of your brand, or build a community, then get in touch with our CEO, Heather, below.

Or, if you’re just researching what a B2B public relations agency actually does, then click on these links to delve deeper into the subject and find out more about strategy and media relations.

Our clients

We aren’t about fluff or busywork. When you partner with us, good things happen.

Our PR strategies will help you generate leads and become famous in your market. Get in touch with our CEO to find out how we can help.