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Digital public relations strategy matters

To us, digital PR is about much more than digital media relations. It’s about first understanding your business, the competitive environment and your target audience and using that knowledge to design a bespoke integrated strategy for getting the right messages in front of your prospects via the media channels they prefer.

Content with a purpose

As a digital PR agency, our focus on creating high-quality content for online media is a large part of our success. And we believe in content with a purpose, which means that every article, blog post, tweet and ebook is created with your marketing goals in mind: we make sure we only spend our time on activities that will help you generate leads and increase your brand awareness.

Search rankings matter

We believe that PR and SEO are inextricably linked. So we’ve also designed our content creation process to boost your search engine rankings by generating followed links from sources with high domain authorities (a metric created by Moz to reflect the reputation of websites).

And while we’re a digital PR company, we offer much more than digital PR services. That means these SEO efforts can be complemented with lead-generating, keyword-optimised blog content.

We employ experts

We’re able to launch effective digital media strategies because we’ve hired a crack squad of digital PR specialists. Our media relations team has a thick book of contacts and they’re not shy about pitching new ones. They’ll come up with brilliant, ‘why-didn’t-I-think-of-it’ angles and our content team will execute them. Meanwhile, SEO experts will hunt down web properties that provide the most valuable followed links – working tirelessly to increase the value of every piece of coverage your company achieves.

Our clients recommend us

Ask our clients: they’re more than happy to recommend our digital PR work – and we’ve collected a host of testimonials to prove it. They’ve talked about our “brilliant contacts”, called us an “extension of their team” and said we’ve “helped them grow fast”.

Our digital PR offering delivers results

Better still, what we do matters. Our efforts as a digital PR agency deliver tangible, measurable results.

We spread the good word about Bullhorn’s recruitment CRM – and helped them take over the global market. We helped Xero launch its beautiful accounting software in South Africa by stealing Starbucks’ thunder.  Our award-winning campaign for one client successfully pressured the government to drop a proposal that would have damaged the company’s business model.

Our clients

We aren’t about fluff or busywork. When you partner with us, good things happen.

Our digital PR strategies will help you generate leads and become famous in your market. Get in touch with our CEO to find out how we can help.